Our Wheelie Bin Cleaning Round Schedule...  
  Click here to download our annual Round Schedule (pdf file)  
  Which Day? Firstly, we aim to clean each wheelie bin on the same day that they are emptied, so you don't need to worry about which day of the week we'd be arriving (with the exception of some bespoke arrangements and in the event of any delays - in these instances, we request that you leave your bins out the following day).  
Which Week? As we typically clean each wheelie bin either every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks, we have created a strict rotating 4-week round schedule. Your bins will either be cleaned on WEEK A, WEEK B, WEEK C or WEEK D (if cleaned fortnightly, each bin would be cleaned on 2 of those weeks). Once assigned a cleaning WEEK, your bin(s) will always be cleaned on that week (unless we change it for any reason - but we will advise you first).
If you are unsure of which weeks your bins are being cleaned, simply contact our office and we'll clarify - we do sometimes have to change the round schedule, ensuring an efficient service, but we'll always try to let you know and the your cleaning weeks will always be changed to an alternative week that your bin is being EMPTIED!
To download a copy of our Round Schedule Calendar, simply click on the link below - it highlights how each of the weeks throughout the year have been allocated a letter (A, B, C or D), so you know when to expect us. It also highlights the days and weeks we're closed (e.g. Christmas and Bank holidays - we close for a month (4 weeks) over Christmas and typically work Tuesday through Saturday when there are Bank Holiday disruptions.
Wheelie Bin Cleaning in Welwyn, Hafield, Cuffley, Potters Bar and Surrounding Areas  
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