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Thank you for choosing Love Your Bin for your Bin Cleaning service in and around the Hertsmere Borough. We appreciate your custom!
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Tip: Many customers opt for a fortnightly clean during the warmer months, and as the weather cools they adjust the service to a monthly clean for each bin!
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We work a day late on Bank Holidays, adapting to refuse collection schedules. We always aim
to clean the day the bin is emptied, but occasionally get delayed, returning the following day.
Which Service
Many customers opt for a fortnightly cleaning service during the warmer months, and as the weather cools they adjust the service to a monthly clean for each bin - we're quite flexible.
Which Bins
For bins emptied on alternate weeks, we would make 2 visits - one visit for each set of bins.
If not empty on arrival, we'll return throughout the day (occasionally the following day if the refuse collection is particularly late or we are delayed for any unavoidable reason).
Cleans per Bin
6 cleans on a Fortnightly service will last 3 months, 12 cleans 6 months and 24 cleans a year
6 cleans on a Monthly service will last 6 months, 12 cleans a year and 24 cleans 2 years
Total Cost
The more cleans you pay for, the cheaper each clean works out to be (between £3 and £4). If you would prefer, you can always setup a monthly Direct Debit (requiring 12 months service).
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