Nobody wants a Dirty Wheelie Bin?
Domestic & Commercial Wheelie Bins are a breeding ground for Maggots, Flies, Mould, and Rats - all making your wheelie bins look and smell awful, and creating an unhealthy environment close to your home or garden
  Now there is a simple, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to dirty Wheelie Bins - simply let our experienced, insured and friendly Love Your Bin Operators wash, disenfected and deodorise yor Wheelie Bins, helping to keep Maggots, Flies, Mould and Rats at bay, and bad odours to a minimum.  
So how does our Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service work?
On the same day your Wheelie Bins are emptied (afterwards, obviously), and either on a Fortnightly or Monthly basis, one of our Wheelie Bin Cleaners will visit your premesis to clean your bin that was emptied that day!
Wheelie Bin Cleaning in Welwyn, Hafield, Cuffley, Potters Bar and Surrounding Areas  
  If you are having more than 1 bin cleaned, that are emptied on different days, we obviously don't expect them to be left empty to be cleaned, so our operators will return the following week to clean the wheelie bin that is emptied on that day - and so on each week.  
  How do we clean the bins?  
  Using 100% biodegradable products and purpose built professional equipment (NOT just a domestic pressure washer in the back of a van, as some others do), our fully insured operators will wash, disenfect and deodorise your wheelie bins at the side of the road.  
  Our bespoke Wheelie Bin Cleaning machinery recycles and filters the water (so we do not need access to your water), and there is no mess left behind - our machines safely lift the bin, allowing our operators to clean the bins with their pressure washers. They then finish the cleaning process by hand, ensuring the bins are dried thoroughly before spraying them with disinfectant and deodoriser.  
  And at the end of the day, the waste water is responsibly and legally disposed of (not down the closest drain, which is unfortunately common practise amongst many illegal, uninsured cleaners)  
Below you'll see a video of one of our Wheelie Bin Cleaning Operatives cleaning a Wheelie Bin, simply click the video to play
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  Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machinery and Franchise Opportunities
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About Love Your Bin
  We are a family run business, operating throughout Hertfordshire since 2010 - we have four experienced and reliable Wheelie Bin Cleaning Operatives, a fully staffed office and a commercial depot where we store and maintain our four bespoke wheelie bin cleaning machines.  
  Over the past few years we are proud to have become one of the most trusted and recommended Wheelie Bin Cleaning Companies in Hertfordshire... We are fully insured and operate to strict guidelines set out by the Environmental Agency and local Authorities, ensuring all waste is disposed of legally. Our staff are fully trained, experienced and employed on a full time basis - we do not sub-contract any work!  
  In addition to our highly popular and widely recommended Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service, we also offer some additional services including Window Cleaning, Drive Cleaning, Car Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning - and as a Love Your Bin customer, you can save as much as 50%...  
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  Whether you're looking for a reliable Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service, a Window Cleaning Service, your Drive or Patio to be professionally cleaned, your car to be Valeted, or for your Gutters to be cleared of debris, as part of the Love Your Group, we have a cost effect solution.  
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